Smartphone Marketing Strategies

It’s no secret that people love to play games on their mobile devices.

Whether it’s while they’re waiting at the doctor’s office, riding on a bus, or wasting time at the end of the day, mobile gaming is extremely popular.

Now imagine being able to spread your advertising message to thousands of targeted consumers through their mobile devices.

Are you beginning to see the power?

There is no doubt that mobile marketing is an extremely effective way to reach consumers. However, when it comes to using it properly there are several things you should keep in mind.

Let’s go over a few:

Always get permission from people before you add them to your database. Just like email marketing it’s important to have a double opt in system when building your mobile list. While setting up a single-opt in system may help you build your list faster you could also end up being plagued with more complaints, so it’s better to be on the safe side and get full permission before sending out your messages.

Landing pages are important to every website and this is especially true for mobile landing pages. It’s important to create landing pages specifically for your mobile marketing campaigns. They need to be much more efficient than regular landing pages. A simple, streamlined design works best for lead-generating pages and customer acquisition. So, it’s important to take the time to learn this skill because it will pay off.

Be sure that you understand that a mobile site is not just a scaled-down version of your business site. Instead, think of it as a summarized version.

Many marketers make the mistake of trying to scale down their entire regular sites to take them mobile and ultimately end up losing customers.

Be sure to lay claim to your business on the big social network’s. In mobile marketing, it’s all about location, location, location. Smartphones and mobile devices, all have location awareness built into their systems, so users can tell what is around them. Make sure they can find you by claiming your page on sites, like Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla and Google Places.

When making ads for mobile platform, always remember to pay attention to the length. Make your advertisements short and sweet. Your ads should be clear, concise and say exactly what you need to convey without taking up too much space or too much of the customers time.

In addition, they should convince the customer to take immediate action.

Check out what your competition is doing. Look for their blog or website on your own smartphone and see what they are up to. Take a look at their social media activity, see that they are promoting and pay attention to how they are engaging their customers. When you look at your competition, it will give you some ideas about what you need to do.

Avoid using all caps and abbreviations. You want to make your message look as professional as possible. If you don’t avoid these things, you could come off looking like a scammer and your recipients are likely to block you from sending them any future messages. The more professional you look, the better.

Running your own Mobile Business will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Not just financially, but for the freedom such a business can give you. You will literally have a business – a way of making money – you carry around with you in your pocket. For an in-depth expo on how to make additional income streams on your mobile – everything from making a living on Amazon from home, to making a living currency trading from your mobile. No experience required… take a look at this!


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