How to Utilize Information In The Public Domain

I was recently asked about the products we have that were created using Public Domain Material and if we just stuck to ebooks.

Public Domain information for many product developers means books; however it can also be paintings, songs, radio shows, films and more!

That said, it is the area of books in the Public Domain that gives us the most opportunity as it is estimated that over 85% of books in the USA (up to 1963) are available in the Public Domain.

Products You Can Create.

Your book has arrived and you’ve had it scanned into word format for easy editing now what do you create?

Let’s take a look at some actual examples of products we have created using Public Domain Material.


These are the easiest and simplest product to create from Public Domain material and we now have dozens of these up and selling on the Internet. PLUS, I guarantee we spend less than 10 minutes per book each month on them.

They are the epitome of the automatic business.

A coupe of points I will raise is that to really stand out from the crowd with Public Domain books you really should go through the book and edit it for easy reading.

I have sold Public Domain books without changing the way it returned from the scanning firm, however, by taking the time to edit it you can add in your own information and make it more appealing to your readers.

Make sure you add in your own forward and / or introduction AND add in a resource section which should contain your affiliate links to other resources.

Audio Products

Believe me, there has been a quiet revolution taking place with audio books and Public Domain information is perfect for taking advantage of this.

A recent study undertaken in New York where by researchers stopped people listening to MP3 players and asked them what they were listening to found that OVER 50% were listening to audio books and podcasts…not music.

What’s to stop you tuning an audio book into an MP3?

How about some of the classics that are readily available on Guttenberg?

Or simply take a collection books and tuning them into an audio or CD set?

Audio offers a huge opportunity with Public Domain books.

Video Products

This requires some out of the box thinking but once you grasp the concept the opportunities really are endless.

As an example we have taken a Public Domain book on the topic of Martial Arts and turned it into a DVD called ‘Self Defence For The Streets’.

We simply went to a local Martial Arts Club and asked them would they be interested in staring in own new DVD production. I was quite prepared to pay a one off fee, however, they simply wanted a dozen copies of the DVD for their members!

We took the moves from the book and asked them to perform them in slow motion and at full speed. The explanation of each move and where it could be used was added later back in the office.

Don’t limit yourself to sport DVDs, how about cooking, gardening, flower arranging, painting, animal training, fishing, golf and many, many more.


So there you have it, three ideas of how you can use Public Domain information to create your own hot selling, high profit information. For more information, go here. or

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