3 Critical Steps To Building Your Own Online Marketing Money Machine

By Jeff Smith

Hype and fluff continue to emerge daily from the world of Internet Marketing, and within this hype is the very real possibility that you will lose focus on what is most important of all…

Creating a valuable business that will continue to bring you more profit and more customers over time.

I’m sure when you take a step back and a deep breath you will agree, 99% of what you see out there – even from the top name internet marketers ONLY applies IF you have a solid business idea and valuable products or services to offer your customers.

Take the John Reese “Traffic Secrets” course or the latest power launch of Search Engine Optimization wonders from Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins – these are great guys, leaders in terms of innovation and testing what works – all things internet marketing. BUT…

Is there information really worth a damn to you if you don’t have a clear idea of what value you are offering to your market?

Will you get your money’s worth if you spend thousands getting the latest internet marketing techniques if your product doesn’t stand out from the crowd?

Can you really expect to dominate your niche market (much as these guys have done) by simply driving more traffic to your sites?

Isn’t the most important question – what will they see once they get there? I don’t mean presentation dammit, I mean substance!

What is the value proposition you offer that time-restricted, stressed-out, money-tapped customer that judges your offer in less than 15-seconds? Do you agree that you better have an incredibly clear and valuable product or service to offer?

OK, so the questions that you need to answer first are;

1) what market do you want to lead,

2) What market do I want to work towards a dominating position and

3) What they hell am I going to offer that will guarantee me a leadership positioning within that market. Sounds about right?

If any of this is tweaking the slightest bit of interest from you (and if you are doing ANYTHING with online marketing – it should), then you should be blown away by this video – watch it here. For the remaining videos, head over here!

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