Working Part Time With A Full Time Mentality

One of the biggest reasons why people fail at Internet marketing (or fail to break out of their rat race) is because of a flawed mindset towards Internet marketing. Yes, it is true that you have to spend the remainder of the hours you have left after work to work on your business part time.

But that does NOT mean that you will adopt a part time or half-hearted mentality towards your business. That is by far the most incorrect thing you can do. You would need to give it the same kind of dedication and perseverance as you would give your full time job. Remember that anything you give more than just your best is bound for success. Imagine this analogy for a second here…

Let’s assume that an airplane takes off at 150MPH. You will need to ‘drive’ at a certain speed before the plane develops enough speed to take off. Do you think the plane will be able to fly itself off the ground if you are only traveling at a 100MPH?

Of course not! It will not take off even if you are flying at 140MPH! Internet marketing is just like this. You will need to work at a certain momentum before you:

• Develop the necessary knowledge to build your business (you can’t really ‘drive’ far if you are constantly locked in 2nd gear).

• You need to show others that you are committed enough before they are ready to do a joint venture with you (after all, no one wants to JV with a half-hearted marketer – especially if they know that you are not constantly available).

• You need to build your reputation strong enough because it will lessen your promotion work –the speed of trust between you and your customers is very crucial.

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They like the freedom of being able to work whenever they want to or wherever they want to.

However, it is not easy to get there because many of them are stuck in a rut!

They feel that they are controlled by their bosses. They feel that it would take too much time. Some of them even whine that they are too tired to do anything the moment they reach home!

Whatever your excuses may be, you will most probably find the solution in this at the end of this post (or at least, know what it takes to get started).

The fact that you are able to open up this email and read it shows your initiative and you should congratulate yourself for taking the first step!

The Internet is a place that is filled with endless possibilities.

It is very easy to find a business model that makes money for anyone as long as they put in the effort to learn and work hard.

All that it takes is that you believe in yourself and believe that you will be able to free yourself from the shackles of your 9-5 job and you will be able to find the means to achieve it.

After all, if you want something badly enough, you will go all out and find the means to achieve your goals.


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• How to pick a business model and apply your skills to it!

• How to invest merely 4 hours a day and be able to quit your job or fire your boss… within 6 months!

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