The Business Model that Generates Residual, Sustainable Wealth

Home businesses come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. These types of businesses provide individuals with an alternative to the office job setting and provide various freedoms to the business owners as well.

Starting a home business is not a daydream endeavor, though – not if the business is going to be successful.

Many people working their regular 9-5 job will have ideas about starting a home business, but never really have the mindset to break away from the mediocre life trap. So the chances of being totally independent, being in control and becoming a business individual fades over a time while they remain in their comfort zone.

A Real Home Business Idea with Huge Profits!

For one individual that wasn’t an option. After being made redundant during the last recession, he made the decision to sack the boss working at his next job to follow his dream of becoming a success.
His story is not only inspirational but he is willing to help those that want to make it their dream.

This person is Andrew Reynolds, the UKs home-based business guru, who taught many of his students how to become successful entrepreneurs. He promises to teach you how to become rich within less than five years following his strategies he has used for the past 17 years to accumulate wealth of over £50 Million.

His concept is very simple. It’s buying the licence of information products cheaply and selling unlimited copies at high mark-up, just like record companies owning the rights of music artist and selling singles and albums reaping the profits.

The key factor here is that you don’t have to know anything about the product or have to create anything from scratch, because the creation has already been done by someone else. Your goal is to get the rights and sell them for 100% of the profits or you can joint venture where you decide on the percentage share of profits.

So what is the business?

The business is about sourcing ready-made information products in any market and then acquiring the licence to sell as many times where you keep 100% of the profits. Andrew only buys product rights from people if he is able to rebrand the master.

The information can be in the form of a book, manual, a set of CD or DVD, software, or seminar. The types of products are ‘How To’ information products. The objective here is to first identify the market before finding the product.

Andrew does it is by visiting news stores to look through niche titled magazines, whatever interest people that would already be spending money for those information products like keeping fit DVDs, golf tips, stock market tips etc. The audience of a niche he refers is the hungry market.

Here’s how it works

In the UK there is a huge awareness of the damages to lungs caused by smoking.

So people are conscious about the long term effects if they continue. You on the other hand have identified a market in search of a product to help people quit smoking. You surf around online and discover the very product which is a downloadable mp3 hypnosis audio file and a short workbook pack Quit Smoking, priced at “£8.95.

So you contact the owner or distributor about a licence agreement by email with branding rights because you know this is a hot product to sell to market you identified.

You rebrand the product naming the product ‘How To Quit Smoking In Less Than 30 Days’ and build a website to take payments and capture leads including their home address details.

Now you decide on cost effective means to getting the word out to make sales like pay per click, press release, article marketing and handing out flyers and so on. Since the product is hot, all you do is get hold of a few smokers to give their testimonials of the product and you include this to your site adding credibility.

After your efforts to advertise you sell say 3,500 downloads of the mp3 hypnosis and digital workbook.

Therefore 3,500 x £8.95 = £31,325

For a low cost product is pretty good since you didn’t have to apply any real effort.

What’s great is that you have the licence to change the appearance of the product and rewrite the copy material making it distinctive to the original product source.

So people will assume your product is a unique product.

Here’s the interesting thing.

You now have 3,500 customers on your database to re-market another great product on nutritious drinks to detox the body, which is a physical workbook and a set of DVDs.

With the money you made from the selling your first product which you own the rights to you decide to reinvest some of the profits into your licenced nutritious product. These are sold more for the price of £39.95 plus fulfilment cost.

Again you build another unique site rebranding the packaging. You source a duplicating house that will ship out the goods direct to your customers upon purchase. This time you sell say 1500 copies to your existing customers plus additional advertising to generate more leads to your database.

Therefore 1500 x £39.95 = £59,925 in month not a year

So do you see how powerful this is, lining up more and more expensive products selling to existing customers from your front end and back-end products with additional advertising to bring in more leads. Andrew shows you a number ways to market information products without SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, or those so-called push button software!

Your task is to consider when to quit your job living a mediocre life style and follow your goal. So learn it, use it, live while you have the opportunity. This system is recession proof and is a work at home solution to being your own boss.

With that said, you should now have the gist of how Andrew made his millions and has released a book called ‘Copy This Idea’ where he gives you a solid review of how he stumbled on his idea and the strategies he uses to make 5-6 monthly figure sums. He shows you how you can copy what he does from scratch.

Click here for the video presentation

Copy This Idea is not a Home 101 small business ideas publication that teaches with the help of abstract graph and pretty pictures. Instead, is based on a real-life blueprint for success, and is based on the author’s own £50million-generating business which he still does to this day that anyone can replicate if followed through.

If you want learn more about his book Copy This Idea then click here for the full details.

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