How to Create or Acquire Products to Sell From Your Site

There are a ton of resources out there that you can look into if your objective is to start selling online. You can find guides to persuasive writing, to creating a sales funnel and to managing a PPC campaign.

But before you can take advantage of any of this advice, you first need something to sell. And that’s the one important step that a lot of people tend to forget!

So the question is: how can you acquire or create a product that’s worth selling? Let’s take a look…

Ebooks and Digital Products

One option is to sell an ebook or a digital product. In fact, this is one of the most common things to sell from a website or a sales funnel and in many cases, this is why guides don’t explain how to make products – they assume you’ll go this route!

Creating a digital product is relatively very simple and tends to only involve writing text into a document and then saving it as a PDF. Courses are a little harder and involve recording some footage as well.

You can either make this yourself, buy a PLR book (private label rights, which you can resell), hire someone to write something for you or sell something as an affiliate. That last option means that you’re effectively working as a salesman and keeping commission. This is an easy business model with zero risk but of course you lose some control and some profit.

Physical Products

Selling physical products is harder but it is possible and there are once again plenty of options to enable you to do this.

One of the most obvious options is to sell a physical product via dropshipping. Dropshipping means that a company is letting you sell its product and will then handle fulfilment when you pass on the order. What’s more, is that they’ll even let you put your brand on the product and remain a white label service throughout!

You can once again sell physical products as an affiliate too, though the commission tends to be much lower. Specifically, this will tend to earn you about 4-8% instead of 75% for a digital product – this is a big difference.

Want to create your own physical product from scratch? Then you’re going to need a prototype, plans and ‘Bill Of Materials’. Find a manufacturing partner and be ready to put down a big deposit on your order!

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